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Welcome to the Town of Gillams website. 


Situated on Route 440 along the north shore of the scenic Bay of Islands, the rural     Newfoundland town of Gillams offers a quiet setting, beautiful vistas, and a host of outdoor lifestyle options for the outdoor enthusiast.  If you have any comments about this website or questions about our community, please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Send us an e-mail message to request information or to just tell us about your visit to our town.  We will post your comments to our comments page, which is forthcoming.                      

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Town of Gillams

P.O. Box 3968, R.R. #2, Corner Brook, NL,  A2H 6B9  /  Tel: 709-783-2800  /  Fax: 709-783-2671

  e-mail: townofgillams@nf.aibn.com